Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vintage cake tin mould light fixture.

Every time I am at the thrift store I have wanted to purchase one of these Cake mould tin's I think they are so pretty! I never did because I did not know how I would use it since I do not bake very much. Tonight I caved and got one and told myself I would figure out how to use it in a cool way! Here is what I came up with!!!! The mould already had a hole in the bottom of it which was pretty much the exact size of the bottom part of a light bulb.  All I did was put the the fixture through the hole and screwed the bulb in which holds it in place, I love it!  Now go get your Cake tin mould ;).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

How to remove wood veneer.

I love this beautiful vintage desk but she needed a major face lift.  When I was given the desk my sister in law had successfully removed most of the veneer but could not get the rest to budge so she decided to pass the desk to me, THANK YOU sister!! 
veneer has glue on one side and to apply it you use heat.  So to remove it you use the same method by heating up the glue again.  I used my iron and a thin metal spatula from the dollar store.  Took some effort so don't give up also try prying at it from different angles.  Next I am going to sand it down and use wood filler to even out the desk top.

I love her curves and look at those legs complete with wooden wheels!